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Arriving on site


On arrival you must park your vehicle safely before you unload or set up signs. If you can’t park off the road, make sure the vehicle can be seen clearly by other drivers. Turn on your roof-mounted amber beacon(s), if you have them. Do not obstruct a footway or cycle route when parking off the road, and respect access to premises and driveways. If parking your vehicle outside the working space, you must ensure that it does not obstruct any traffic sign or traffic signal head. If a vehicle is part of, or enters, the works site, it must be correctly incorporated into the traffic management used. Roof-mounted beacon(s) must be switched on if the vehicle carries them.

The technical standards for vehicles are given in the Equipment and vehicles section of this Code.

Vehicle movements

Works drivers intending to stop at the roadside or enter established works should follow normal Highway Code practice and must switch on their roof-mounted amber beacon(s), if they have them.