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Permanent cold-lay surfacing materials (PCSMs)

Only PCSMs with a current Product Acceptance Scheme certificate can be used for permanent reinstatements.
PCSMs must be stored, transported, handled and used strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements contained in the Product Acceptance Scheme certificate for that material.
Approved PCSMs, laid and compacted in accordance with the Product Acceptance Scheme certificate may be used in substitution for any permitted equivalent bituminous material type, such as an SMA or AC, at the discretion of the undertaker, as follows:
  1. Permanent cold-lay surfacing material (PCSM), at any position, in all reinstatements in footways, footpaths and cycle tracks.
  2. Permanent cold-lay binder course (PCBC) in all reinstatements in Type 3 & 4 roads.
  3. Permanent cold-lay surface course (PCSC) in all reinstatements in Types 3 & 4 roads.
The required thickness of the PCSM must be as stated in the Product Acceptance Scheme certificate.
Whenever a potential PCSM binder has begun a Product Acceptance Scheme PCSM approval trial, then regardless of aggregate or material formulation under trial, any material manufactured using that binder must be considered to be an approved deferred set material to PD 6691 for interim use only, with immediate effect.