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Road structures

For the purposes of defining permissible material options, layer thickness etc., this Code classifies road structures as being of flexible, composite, rigid or modular design. Road structures assumed to be representative of each of these designs are shown in Figure A2.1. For each design, a typical reinstatement structure identifying the principal structural layers is also shown.
Figure A2.1 Typical reinstatement structure within recognised road designs
Permitted materials and layer thickness for road structures are specified as follows:
  1. Flexible design – see Figures A3.1 to A3.5
  2. Flexible sub-structure – see Figure A3.6
  3. Composite design – see Figures A4.1 to A4.4
  4. Composite sub-structure – see Figures A4.5 to A4.6
  5. Rigid design – see Figures A5.1 to A5.3
  6. Modular design – see Figures A6.1 to A6.3
All layer thicknesses are in millimetres.