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SMR material production

FSMRs and NFSMRs must be prepared in accordance with an agreed process or with the procedures set out in the approval trial agreement (see A9.5), and to the approved mix formulation(s) (derived from documented testing and compaction trials).
FSMRs and NFSMRs may be delivered to site as ready-made materials or prepared partly or wholly on site.
Mixing may be carried out using any equipment suitable for the manufacture of FSMRs and NFSMRs in the required quantities, provided the approved mixing procedure is used throughout. Mixing equipment must be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and checked regularly. All metering or weighing apparatus must be calibrated regularly according to a Quality Assurance Scheme.
All binders, additives and admixtures, including diluted solutions thereof, must be stored according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and used within the recommended shelf life.
NFSMRs must be compacted in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations or to an agreed compaction regime derived from development and testing.