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Aggregates and binders for HBM must comply with BS EN 14227, the respective BS EN specified in Table A10.4 and the requirements of this clause.
Table A10.4 Standards
Constituent BS EN
Aggregates BS EN 13242
Water BS EN 1008
Cement BS EN 197-1
GBS (granulated blast furnace slag) BS EN 14227-2
GGBS (ground granulated blast furnace slag) BS EN 15167-1
Lime BS EN 459-1
Gypsum BS EN 14227-2 or BS EN 14227-3
FA (Fly ash) BS EN 14227-4
ASS (Air-cooled steel slag) BS EN 14227-2
HRB (Hydraulic road binder) BS EN 13282
The binder constituent proportions must comply with Table A10.5 and must be based on a laboratory mixture design procedure in accordance with A10.2.11 to A10.2.16.
Table A10.5 Minimum binder or binder constituent additions
Binder or binder constituent Mode of use (mode of use not listed below must be subject to approval by the authority) Minimum addition by dry mass of mixture
Lime / cement / HRB / GGBS when used with another binder constituent 2%
when used as sole treating agent 3%
ASS & GBS when used together 2.5% each
Dry fly ash when used with cement 4%
when used with lime 5%
Conditioned (i.e. wet) fly ash All applications 6%