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Unattended sites (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)

Sites that are unoccupied at any time still require the traffic management to be routinely checked and maintained. The frequency and timing of checks should be determined by the level of risk. The timing of checks might also need to be set to meet local circumstances. You should carry out a site check every day (including on weekends) unless your risk assessment deems this unnecessary. If the site is not going to be visited the next day, contact your supervisor, manager or other competent person to discuss when the site should next be visited.

The level of risk may be affected by the following:

  • how busy the road and/or footway is during the hours the site is unattended, e.g. consider whether the site is near:

    • high-volume pedestrian areas;

    • pubs and clubs;

    • schools and colleges;

    • commuter routes and traffic sensitive areas;

    • sports grounds and concert venues;

  • sites where vandalism is found to be a problem;

  • weather conditions;

  • risks of the works site, e.g.

    • deep excavations;

    • exposed services;

    • trench crossings;

    • plant and machinery;

    • portable traffic signals;

  • pedestrian crossing, footway or road closures; and

  • results of previous checks.

The above list is not exhaustive. Any problems should be dealt with immediately upon discovery.