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Hydraulically bound materials (HBMs) (A10.2)

HBMs must be in accordance with one of the following standards, depending on the binder used:
  1. BS EN 14227-1: Cement bound granular mixtures
  2. BS EN 14227-2: Slag bound granular mixtures
  3. BS EN 14227-3: Fly ash bound granular mixtures
  4. BS EN 14227-5: Hydraulic road binder bound granular mixtures
  5. BS EN 14227-15: Hydraulically stabilized soils
Any HBMs not covered within A10.2 will require approval trials in accordance with A9.
The HBM producer must make available to the undertaker and authority the information detailed in the ‘Designation and Description’ clause of the relevant part of BS EN 14227 for the selected HBM. In addition:
  1. Target proportions of constituents must comply with the requirements of the relevant BS EN as per A10.2.1;
  2. Mixture design details and results must be carried out in accordance with A10.2.11 to A10.2.16;
  3. Mixture performance requirements must be in accordance with A10.2.17;
  4. Method Statement for production, transport, placement and control must be in accordance with A10.2.37 to A10.2.40.