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Who are HAUC(UK)

The Highway Authorities and Utilities Committee (HAUC(UK)) was established in 1986 by the constituent bodies of the local Highway Authorities and the Utilities to assist the Secretary of State in arriving at proposals for new street works legislation.

HAUC(UK) brings highway authorities, utilities and government together with the aim of working safely and smartly to reduce the impact of street and road works on members of the public throughout the UK.

HAUC(UK) strives to ensure that processes, systems and legislation do not hamper the travelling public whilst we all continue to maintain the essential services that the utility companies and highway authorities provide.

The main aims of HAUC(UK) are:

  • To advise the Secretary of State on issues relating to street works legislation
  • To provide guidance to practitioners
  • To provide a forum for matters of mutual interest in relation to street works

Why the HAUC(UK) App

The HAUC(UK) app provides the most up to date safety information for street and road works. We’ve built it with you in mind, whether you’re working in the office or on site. Via the HAUC(UK) app, you have:

  • An interactive check list for working on site
  • A simple, searchable copy of the Red Book
  • All the latest updates and advice from HAUC(UK)

What is the red book

The red book refers to the Safety at Street Works and Road Works - A Code of Practice.

This helps road work operatives to safely carry out signing, lighting and guarding of street works and road works on all highways and roads, except motorways and any dual carriageways with a speed limit of 50 mph or more.

This Code is directed at operatives, supervisors, managers, planners and designers who are responsible for making sure that all street and road works are safe for both operatives and the public.

Guidance on downloading and use of the app

The HAUC(UK) App is designed for use offline. For more information on that and how to install it as an app, please read the guidance here.

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