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Who are HAUC(UK)

The Highway Authorities and Utilities Committee (HAUC(UK)) is the representative body that works with the UK and devolved governments to help make improvements to the management of works and the street and road network.

Since 1986, when HAUC(UK) was set up, we’ve been bringing highway authorities, utilities and government departments together with the aim of working safely and smartly. Our aim is to make sure processes, systems and legislation don’t hamper the public who still need to travel while essential works are going on. As a result of our work, we hope to reduce the impact of street and road works throughout the UK.

  • We provide the essential guidance for people and organisations involved in street and road works
  • We provide a forum when we can discuss matters of mutual interest relating to street and road works
  • We advise the Secretary of State on the issues relating to street and road works legislation

Why the HAUC(UK) App

The HAUC(UK) app provides the most up to date safety information for street and road works. We’ve built it with you in mind, whether you’re working in the office or on site. Via the HAUC(UK) app, you have:

  • An interactive check list for working on site
  • A simple, searchable copy of the Red Book
  • All the latest updates and advice from HAUC(UK)

What is the Red Book?

The Red Book is the informal name for ‘Safety at Street Works and Road Works - A Code of Practice’. It’s the official guide for anyone who’s responsible for making these works safe.

The Red Book covers everything you need to know if you’re signing, lighting or guarding street works and road works on the UK’s highways and roads (with the exception of motorways and any dual carriageways with a speed limit of 50 mph or more).

Who must use the Red Book?

The Red Book must be used by operatives, supervisors, managers, planners and designers who are responsible for ensuring street and road works are safe, for operatives and for the public.

With that in mind – you may be in the field or in the office – we’ve made the app accessible offline. It’s easy to install on your laptop or phone. Read the installation guidance here.


This site is based upon the opinions and knowledge of HAUC(UK) members and therefore has no legal or statutory authority and is not intended to be a definitive or complete statement of the applicable law. It is always advisable to seek the advice of your own Streetworks or legal team before engaging in any works, to ensure that you understand and comply with the legal requirements which are applicable to your organisation and circumstances.  Reference should always be made to any applicable legislation, Codes of Practice and Statutory Guidance.

The information on this site is general guidance only, and is not intended to replace specific legal advice. None of HAUC(UK), its members, or GeoPlace, accept any liability for any action or omission taken based on any guidance on (or accessed via) this website/app.

The HAUC Guidance website/app is developed by Exegesis SDM Ltd.

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