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Asphalt concrete mixtures (A2.3)

Asphalt concrete must conform to BS EN 13108-1. Conformity must be established in accordance with BS EN 13108-20 and BS EN 13108-21. The following coated mixtures to BS EN 13108-1 and PD 6691 are permitted depending upon the detailed requirements of the relevant section.
Where the existing mixture is HDM (heavy duty mixture to PD 6691) or HMB (high modulus base) and the authority requires the reinstatement to be completed using a similar mixture, the authority must notify the undertaker accordingly.
Deformation resistance must comply with the limiting wheel tracking requirements for site classification in accordance with PD 6691 appendix B, Table B.4 and the note to that table.
For road Types 0 and 1, material must comply with the wheel tracking requirements for site classification 2. There is no wheel tracking requirement for other road types.