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General (S12.1)

The undertaker is responsible for ensuring that reinstatements meet the required performance criteria throughout the guarantee period.
When determining the exact scope of the remedial action for a non-compliant reinstatement, the quality of the reinstatement must be assessed relative to the condition of the adjacent structure. Other considerations are:
  1. The long-term durability of the highway asset
  2. The additional congestion that may be caused by the remedial work
  3. The environmental impact
  4. Public perception
Any agreement between both the authority and the works undertaker, including an agreement that no remedial works are required, should be recorded on the relevant street works notice or permit.
Where remedial works are completed the guarantee period shall only be reset in accordance with S2.1.4.
Where the remedial works increase the dimensions of the original site registration this is a new reinstatement with a new guarantee period.