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Vibrating rollers

Vibrating rollers are permitted for compacting reinstatement materials in accordance with the following requirements:

Single-drum vibrating rollers

  1. Single drum vibrating rollers must include a mechanical means of applying vibration to the roll. Single-drum rollers without a specific vibration unit are considered to be single-drum deadweight rollers and are not permitted for reinstatement purposes.
  2. The minimum permitted mass of a single-drum vibrating roller is 600 kg/m width.

Twin-drum vibrating rollers

  1. Twin-drum vibrating rollers must include two vibrating rolls. Twin-drum rollers in which only one roll vibrates are considered to be single-drum vibrating rollers.
  2. The minimum permitted mass of a twin-drum vibrating roller is 600 kg/m width.

All vibrating rollers

  1. The mass per metre width of a vibrating roller must be calculated by dividing the total mass supported by the roll(s) by the total width of the roll(s).
  2. A minimum mass of 600 kg/m width is required for vibrating rollers for compacting bituminous material. Where existing roads, footways, footpaths or cycle tracks could be marked or otherwise damaged by the use of 600 to 1000 kg/m vibrating rollers, the authority must notify the undertaker accordingly, whereupon the use of lower weight vibrating rollers must be agreed.