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It is your responsibility to:

  • ensure that the correct procedures have been followed for works that involve the need for prior consultation, consent or agreement (e.g. highway closures, working in the vicinity of railways and/or tramways, etc.);
  • ensure that before you start that a site specific risk assessment has been carried out, paying particular attention to the requirements of highway users, including pedestrians and vulnerable users such as disabled people. If circumstances change, you should consider whether the risk assessment needs revising;
  • ensure that before you start that the works site layout has been planned, necessary equipment has been identified and that you know how you will set the site out;
  • understand and implement pre-planned site safety requirements before starting the works;
  • sign, light, guard and maintain your works safely at all times;
  • ensure that your works remain compliant and safe as works progress or following any alteration;
  • ensure that the safety of yourself and others who pass near or through the works;
  • consult your supervisor, manager or other competent person immediately if you are unsure about any requirements contained in your work instruction; and
  • ensure that the work team understands all key safety issues and the local site risk assessment related to the activity.

Warning: Always consult your supervisor, manager or other competent person if you are in any doubt about compliance with this Code or if you are concerned about safety.