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Deferred set mixtures (DSMs)

Deferred set coated mixtures must be in accordance with PD 6691 and must be AC6 dense surf 160/220 DS (6 mm surface course) or AC10 close surf 160/220 DS (10 mm surface course) or AC20 dense bin 160/220 DS (20 mm dense binder course).
The binder grade and amount of flux oil may need to be amended to meet the performance requirements for surfacing mixtures for the duration of the interim reinstatement period. Advice on this is contained in PD 6691 appendix B.2.3.
Binder viscosity should be adjusted to give approximately the equivalent to 10 days deferred set.
Deferred set coated mixtures can be used at any position in interim and immediate reinstatements, but are not permitted within permanent reinstatements.