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As-laid profile

  1. The reinstatement surface must be flush with the surrounding surfaces. There should be no significant depression or crowning present. The construction tolerance at the edges of a reinstatement is ± 6 mm.
  2. Once the reinstatement is registered as completed and opened to traffic, the intervention limits in S2.2.2 to S2.2.7 apply.
  3. During the guarantee period, where the profile of the surfaces adjacent to the reinstatement is uniform but the surface of the reinstatement is outside the intervention limits, the undertaker must carry out remedial works to restore the surface of the reinstatement to match the adjacent surfaces.
  4. It can be difficult to match a new surface to adjacent surfaces when using hand tools on reinstatements in restricted areas (e.g. around surface boxes). In such cases, localised variations in the hand-laid surface profile should be acceptable to the authority provided that they are within the specified tolerances.