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General (S9.1)

Backfill materials must comply with the requirements of S5.
  1. Topsoil within 200 mm of the surface of the verge must be stored and re-used. Where insufficient topsoil is available from the excavation, imported topsoil may be used to a depth of 100 mm or to match the existing depth, whichever is the lesser.
  2. Care must be taken to ensure that imported topsoil is not contaminated with non-organic material or noxious weeds.
  3. The re-use of excavated materials as backfill in verges and unmade ground is to be encouraged as part of a policy of environmentally sustainable construction.
  4. Where invasive plant species are identified within the excavated materials, these materials must not be re-used in the reinstatement. Appropriate advice may be sought from the authority or DEFRA as to the means of permissible disposal.