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The undertaker must carry out reinstatement in accordance with one of the following methods and should endeavour to achieve the greatest degree of immediate permanent reinstatement. Reinstatement methods are listed in Table A2.10.
In the event of prior notification by the authority, where local custom and practice is to surface footways, footpaths and cycle tracks with aggregates of a certain colour or minimum PSV, the undertaker must provide equivalent aggregate at the time of permanent reinstatement, subject to the requirements of S2.6.1.
Permitted materials and layer thickness are specified in A1, A2, A7, A9, A10 and A12. In all flexible reinstatements, the surface course material may also be used at binder course level, as shown in Figure A7.1.
Cycle tracks that are part of the carriageway must be reinstated to carriageway standards.
S6.5 must be followed for small openings and narrow trenches. For micro trenching, large diameter cores and work around ironwork, S6.6, S6.7 and S11.5 must be followed, respectively.