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Requirements for natural material modules


General for whole natural material modules

The reinstatement of whole natural material modules must be in accordance with the general requirements of A12.2.1 to A12.2.4.

Damaged natural material modules

  1. Where damaged modules are to be re-used in the reinstatement, a joint inspection must be arranged before starting excavation to agree the extent of usage of damage modules and the minimum size acceptable for re-use.
  2. The undertaker should make a photographic record of the joint inspection which should be agreed between the undertaker and the authority.
  3. The undertaker must use best endeavours to match existing profiles and meet the tolerances specified in S2, However, where the pre-existing profile of damaged modules is near or in excess of current intervention and construction tolerances specified in S2, it will be difficult for the undertaker to construct a complying reinstatement. The undertaker must use best endeavours to ensure that the interface between the reinstatement and the adjoining surfaces does not create a hazardous trips.