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Information board

Example information board

An information board must be displayed at every street and road works site except mobile works, short duration works and minor works that do not involve excavation. Information boards are still highly desirable at these sites where it is safe and practicable to provide them. This board should be placed so that it does not obstruct footways or carriageways but can be clearly read by pedestrians, and any drivers who have stopped close to the board.

The information board must give the name of the organisation undertaking the works, any principal contractor and an emergency contact telephone number. Wherever practical, it should also contain other information that will be helpful in explaining to the public why the work is being done, how long it will take and a message apologising for inconvenience.

For mobile and short duration works that do not involve excavation or advance signing, information may be displayed on works vehicles, so long as it does not cause a distraction to drivers.