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Guarantee period (NG1.2)

  1. Where an authority intends to resurface or reconstruct a section of road, the undertaker may complete any reinstatement to an alternative interim standard by agreement. The guarantee period must thereafter be waived unless the undertaker’s reinstatement can be shown to be grossly substandard. It is expected that agreement to this procedure will be conditional upon all savings in costs made by not carrying out a permanent reinstatement being shared equally between undertaker and authority.
  2. Where site circumstances are considered to militate against a successful permanent reinstatement, an interim period of up to a further 6 months may be adopted before it is necessary to complete the permanent reinstatement.
  3. In designated high amenity locations and areas with high quality surfaces, there is benefit in completing the permanent reinstatement immediately or as expeditiously as possible. To facilitate a permanent reinstatement, materials need to be identified and ordered early in the works planning process. Advance notification through the normal co-ordination process is necessary to achieve this and the authority should assist the undertaker to locate sources of suitable similar or equivalent modules, especially if no stocks are available from the authority.