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Polymer modified mastic asphalt (PMMA)

PMMA must be CE Marked to BS EN 13108-6 or have a Product Acceptance Scheme Certificate.
PMMA must have the following properties declared:
  1. Grading limits as defined in section 5.2.2 from BS EN 13108-6:2016.
  2. Binder limits as defined in section 5.2.3 from BS EN 13108-6:2016. In any case, the minimum target binder content (Bact) must not be less than 8.0%.
  3. Indentation limits as defined in section 5.3.2 from BS EN 13108-6:2016. The indentation of specimens, determined in accordance with EN 12697-20 or EN 12697-21 using the conditions defined in EN 13108-20:2016, D.14, must not exceed category Imax10.0