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Outline of the specification (S0.2)

The ‘S’ sections are the Code’s specification and they are ordered to reflect what practitioners need to know before commencing works, what will be required to complete the works, and the obligations upon undertakers once works are completed.

S1 and S2 respectively set out the general parameters associated with reinstatements and the expected performance requirements.

S3, S4 and S5 follow the normal sequence of operations for undertakers, namely excavation, placing surround material to apparatus and backfilling.

S6 and S7 set out the detailed requirements and permissible reinstatement methods for bound materials in carriageways. Limitations on the use of preferred and permissible materials (more fully detailed in appendices A1, A2, A9 and A10) are described. Similarly, S8 and S9 set out the requirements for reinstatements in footways and verges.

S10 sets out the fundamental requirements for compaction of reinstatement materials, and includes guidance on the degree of compaction necessary to comply with the Code and its end performance requirements.

S11 and S12 respectively cover ancillary activities that might be encountered during street works and the prescribed remedial measures in the event that the reinstatement is defective or causes settlement beyond the limits of the reinstatement.