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Class E – Unacceptable materials (A1.5)

The following materials, listed as unacceptable in MCHW Clause 601 paragraphs 2(ii) and 3, must not be used at any level within the permanent structure of any reinstatement:
  1. Peat and materials from swamps, marshes or bogs.
  2. Logs, stumps and perishable materials.
  3. Materials in a frozen condition. Such materials, if otherwise suitable, can be classified as suitable when unfrozen.
  4. Clays having a liquid limit exceeding 90, determined in accordance with BS 1377-2 Method 4, or a Plasticity Index exceeding 65, determined in accordance with BS1377-2, Method 5.4.
  5. Materials susceptible to spontaneous combustion.
  6. Materials having hazardous chemical or physical properties requiring special measures for excavation, handling, storage, transportation, deposition and disposal.