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Works adjacent to railways

Care must be taken when positioning portable traffic signals near railways because they could be mistaken for railway signals. Where works require portable signals adjacent to a railway, in addition to obtaining highway authority approval, the railway authority should be informed.

Warning: At all times plant or machinery should be positioned so that no part of it or its load overhangs the railway outer boundary.

Works at a level crossing using Stop/Go boards

Works at level crossing using stop go boards

  1. For numbers and minimum size of cones, and dimensions D, T, C, S and E, see table in the Setting out site section of this Code.
  2. An information board (omitted here for clarity) must be displayed.
  3. Stop/Go boards should be placed where they will be in full view of approaching drivers. They may be located on either side of the carriageway.
  4. See the Traffic control section of this Code for guidance on unobstructed width past the works.