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Guidance for people who are hard of hearing

This Guide takes you through how we should be working to help people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

If a person's hearing thresholds in both ears are 20 dB or less, then they have hearing loss. It can affect one or both ears, be mild, moderate, fairly severe, severe, or profound.

With a lot of background noise, someone who has minor hearing loss may have trouble understanding speech. Someone with intermediate deafness may need hearing aids.

These examples show how people who are deaf or hard of hearing may experience our sites:

People who are deaf or hard of hearing may:

  • Ignore noise from the construction site
  • Have diminished hearing ability compared to other people
  • Find it challenging to hear and comprehend on site instructions
  • Find it difficult to employ our detour routes

Further guidance

Please select from the following options the current status of your works to see further guidance of supporting vulnerable road users on this topic: