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Permanent reinstatement of modular surface layers should be generally carried out in accordance with BS 7533.
Permanent reinstatement of modules must include all modules situated within or beyond the effective width of the reinstatement (W) described in S2.1.5 and must also include any other modules disturbed in the course of carrying out excavation or reinstatement.
Clean undamaged modules must be re-used for permanent reinstatement. Broken modules cannot be used for permanent reinstatement and must be replaced.
Laying course material must be sand or mortar, to match the characteristics of the existing type and thickness. Unless otherwise notified by the authority, where sand is present, laying course and jointing materials must be in accordance with BS 7533-3. For all roads and footways, the grading of the laying course material must be in accordance with Table D.3 Category II. Jointing materials to Section D1.2, must be applied to gaps between individual modules at the time of permanent reinstatement. Where mortar has been used for laying course material the undertaker must seek guidance from the authority as to the specification to be used. This information must not be unreasonably withheld.