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Footway, footpath and cycle track categories (S1.4)

Footways, footpaths and cycle tracks are categorised as follows:

High duty – routes designated as principal routes and used by an exceptionally large number of pedestrians and/or cyclists.
High amenity – routes surfaced with one of the following surfaces, and constructed and maintained to a high standard:
  1. Surfaces chosen specifically for decorative purposes, with special colours, textures or surface finishes; or
  2. Flexible surfaces with a particular texture or distinctive coloured finish. Such surfaces will usually be situated in conservation, leisure or ornamental areas, pedestrian precincts or where an authority has installed high quality paving.
Other – surfaces that are neither high duty nor high amenity.
Where an authority can demonstrate that a high duty or high amenity footway, footpath or cycle track has been constructed and maintained to a standard in excess of that prescribed in S2.2 to S2.5 (and registered accordingly) the reinstatement must meet the authority’s standard of maintenance and their declared intervention criteria.