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Breaking the surface (S3.1)

Care must be taken when cutting surface layers to avoid undue damage to the running surface or to the bond between the surface course and binder course. Cutting by machine, e.g. road saw, coring equipment or planer, is preferred. All loose materials must be removed to ensure that the excavated edge is in a safe and stable condition.
When excavating in modular construction, the existing modules must be lifted carefully and stored for re-use. Where existing damage has resulted in fragmentation or breakage of modules made out of natural materials, the fragments must be removed and stored unless agreed otherwise with the authority.
When any material that may be of a historical or archaeological interest is identified (including natural material, cobbles or setts) excavation must stop. The authority must be informed as soon as possible and afforded the opportunity to inspect the material.
Modules must be reinstated in accordance with A12.