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Footway ramps

Where pedestrians are diverted to temporary walkways in the carriageway, suitable ramps must be provided to enable people using wheelchairs or pushchairs to negotiate kerbs safely. The layout should allow wheelchair and scooter users to enter and exit a temporary walkway safely.

Ramps must:

  • be fixed in position and at least 1 metre wide (1.2 metre wide if possible);
  • be constructed from materials strong enough to support pedestrians and mobility scooter users;
  • have a slip-resistant surface and edging to prevent wheelchairs etc. slipping over the edge;
  • slope gently enough to enable people using manual wheelchairs to mount the kerb without undue difficulty, and to avoid grounding by mobility scooters (some of which have low ground clearances and long wheelbases); and
  • allow for rain water to run along the gutter.