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Traffic control by ‘give and take’

You can use ‘give and take’ only when all of the following apply:

  • the speed limit is 30 mph or less;
  • the length of the works from first cone to last cone is 50 metres or less;
  • drivers approaching from either direction can see 50 metres beyond the end of the works;
  • two-way traffic flow is no more than 20 vehicles counted over 3 minutes (400 veh/h);
  • no more than 20 heavy goods vehicles pass the works per hour; and
  • parking near the works, especially in front and opposite is controlled/prohibited, unless visibility or lane width is unaffected.

The signing you will need is shown below.

Works on footway with pedestrian diversion into carriageway
Works on footway with pedestrian diversion into carriageway Notes
  1. For numbers and minimum size of cones, and dimensions D, L and S, see table in the Setting out site section of this Code.
  2. An information board (omitted here for clarity) must be displayed.
  3. See the Traffic control section of this Code for guidance on unobstructed width past the works.
  4. 50 m maximum applies only where two-way flow cannot be maintained past the works.