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Aggregate Abrasion Value (AAV)

  1. Subject to the requirements of S2.6.1, for all bituminous surface course materials permitted in A2, the AAV of all pre-coated chippings and the coarse aggregate in all mixes used without pre-coated chippings at the running surface must comply with the requirements of Table S2.8.
    Table S2.8 Bituminous roads – Aggregate Abrasion Value

    Road type

    Reinstatement minimum PSV

    All pre-coated chippings

    All surface course mixtures to PD6691





    12 14


    12 14


    14 16


    14 16
    (See also S6.4 for permitted surface course options)
  2. The AAV must be measured in accordance with BS EN 1097-8.
  3. Where an interim surface course material contains an aggregate that may not comply with the requirements of Table S2.8, a surface treatment may become necessary before the reinstatement is made permanent. In this case, the requirements of Table S2.8 are applicable only to the coarse aggregate contained in the surface treatment and not to the underlying aggregate in the interim surface course.
  4. Past use of Table S2.8 has indicated that the minimum values noted are appropriate in most cases. However, where an authority has alternative requirements for aggregate properties then this information must be supplied to the undertaker. Where this is the case the undertaker must specify aggregate properties in accordance with this information subject to S2.6.1(1).