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Shallow or aborted excavations (S3.6)

No shallow or aborted excavation is permitted to undermine the integrity of the remaining road structure. Any prematurely terminated excavation must be reinstated in accordance with the following requirements:
  1. Where reinstatement can be achieved by laying a thicker surface course in accordance with A2. or S6.6 in the case of micro trenches, or S6.5 in the case of small openings and narrow trenches, no further excavation is required.
  2. In all other cases, the binder course must be excavated to allow a binder course layer to be reinstated in accordance with A2. Where the existing depth of excavation is greater than 100 mm and the additional depth is less than the minimum layer thickness of base material, a thicker binder course may be laid.
  3. In deeper excavations, no further excavation is required. Reinstatement must be carried out in accordance with the relevant requirements of S5 to S9, as appropriate.