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General (NGA12.1)

  1. For the purposes of this Code, modules where one side of the module is generally greater than 305 mm, are assumed not to rely on infill sand between the vertical faces of the modules. Instead, gaps between these modules are normally filled, or pointed, with a cement:sand mortar.
  2. Modules with sides generally up to and including 305 mm rely on jointing sand between the vertical faces of the modules, normally achieved through vibration methods with jointing sand subsequently brushed into joints upon completion. It is essential that the jointing sand is kiln dried and free flowing. Sharp sand or building sand are not normally deemed to meet these requirements, although in some situations the use of sharp sand has been found to provide increased durability.
  3. There may be a need to revisit sites to top up jointing sand following subsequent trafficking.
  4. There may be a need to apply a sealant on sites subject to mechanical/vacuum sweeping.