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General (NG1.1)

  1. The primary objective of this Code is to ensure that reinstatements are completed to a permanent standard and as soon as is practicable. Undertakers and authority personnel should work together, in close co-operation to achieve this.
  2. Depending on the conditions, this may require a joint site inspection before starting work. Such joint pre-inspections may be of an informal nature, by agreement, and should be carried out at the earliest convenience of both parties. Where either party fails to attend any agreed pre-inspection, or where existing site conditions warrant concern, it is recommended that the undertaker retains a photographic record of the existing surfaces before starting work.
  3. This Code may require a formal notification of circumstances or other requirements, depending on the conditions of the site, before starting works. Such pre-notifications should be issued at the earliest possible opportunity. Undertakers must comply with such notification issued at the street works notice stage and should make reasonable efforts to comply with any notification issued thereafter.
  4. Where this Code allows several options, it is recommended, wherever practicable, to agree a preferred option from the alternatives available. This principle should be applied to all sections where alternatives are provided.